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Dwayne Hickman Quotes

Children should enjoy the few years they have just being a kid.

Dobie was so well written and so ahead of its time.

Even as a small child I never felt that I should have to compete with anyone - even my older brother.

I have often been told that I have many of the same mannerisms as Jack Benny and certainly Bob Cummings.

I think that between the egos of the actors and the wrestlers in this country we are taking away from the truly dedicated and informed people who should be getting their voice heard.

I was just standing around and suddenly I was cast as an extra. I hated it because I was so shy.

I went back to film work after Dobie. I went back to film work after Dobie.

I worked on a film short with Frank Sinatra when I was a kid.

If you had ever heard my album you would know that I could never consider the music business!

In Ski Party we are reading up on how to have fun without sex. That was the theme of every AIP picture!

My background with Cummings was rehearse, rehearse, rehearse, but Tuesday liked to walk in and do the scene. I must say that she was really wonderful. Aggravating, but wonderful.

Right now I am preparing for another art exhibit in November in Palm Desert.

Some couples could not work together but we enjoy working on our projects and building our art business.

That said, let me add that Joan and I never want him to be a child actor. We both feel that it takes away their childhood and puts untold pressure on children.

The print on canvas is the closest to the original work. I personally sign them as well.

Warren Beatty has always acted like a Movie Star even when no one knew who he was.

You can never spend enough time with children.