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Jeremy London Quotes

A lot of people in my life are getting sick or potentially going to get sick from tobacco.

And my little sister died when she was 16.

Before the eighth grade, I probably went to seven or eight different schools.

Growing up, my brother and I were begging for attention.

I avoid crazy women.

I can't deal with high maintenance chicks.

I can't stand girls who laugh at everything I say like I'm the funniest guy in the world. I like girls who tell it like it is, no kissing up to me because I'm on TV.

I didn't go to college, I went straight from high school to working on I'll Fly Away, I was very, very lucky.

I don't like characters that are left being jerks at the end of the movie.

I don't need to hang out in a posse and try to act cool.

I don't really lift weights. It's kind of a vanity thing that I don't get into.

I don't think anybody should get married before they're 30. You're too young to really know yourself.

I don't want to bust my butt for the rest of my life, like my parents.

I like for there to be a moral, for the character to have gotten something out of the experience.

I love extreme sports, I like snowboarding and motorcross and rollerblading and hockey.

I really got into the cricket and staying up late watching the World Cup.

I think it was when I realised I could talk anybody into doing just about anything I wanted them to.

I used to be a hopeless romantic - I fell in love with everyone I went out with.

I'll fly Away took place in the 50's and 60's in America's South, and there are a couple of scenes where me and my friends are supposed to be skinny dipping with these girls.

I'm gonna be the best dad that ever lived. I'll have a ranch with a race car track and a golf course.