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Michael Caine Quotes

A lot of my best parts I've been the second choice for, so you never get too egotistical about anything.

Alfie was the first time I was above the title; the first time I became a star in America.

Anyone can write. But comedy, you've got to do some writing. You get one comedy script to every 20 dramas.

At 69, I got the girl! And it wasn't a 68-year-old girl, either.

Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath.

Comedy is underrepresented in every actor's life, because it's so bloody difficult to write.

English is clipped in speech. Texas is exactly the opposite.

For all my education, accomplishments, and so called 'wisdom'... I can't fathom my own heart.

Funny things happen to you in movies for silly reasons.

I did everything. I ran my life exactly as I wanted to, all the time. I never listened to anybody. I'm pig-headed.

I felt a tremendous sadness for men who can't deal with a woman of their own age.

I prefer to remake flops. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels was a remake of a flop, and The Quiet American is a remake of a flop.

I read books like mad, but I am careful to to let anything I read influence me.

I see myself as 38, but you don't notice it.

I started with the firm conviction that when I came to the end, I wanted to be regretting the things that I had done, not the things I hadn't.

I wouldn't make an anti-American film. I'm one of the most pro-American foreigners I know. I love America and Americans.

I'll always be there because I'm a skilled professional actor. Whether or not I've any talent is beside the point.

I'm a sort of boy next door. If that boy has a good scriptwriter.

I'm every bourgeois nightmare - a Cockney with intelligence and a million dollars.

I'm the audience's representative on earth.