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Patti Smith Quotes

Americans just don't know what being a movie star's all about.

An artist is somebody who enters into competition with God.

An artist may have burdens the ordinary citizen doesn't know, but the ordinary citizen has burdens that many artists never even touch.

Artists are traditionally resistant to labels.

As far as I'm concerned, being any gender is a drag.

Besides me wanting to be an artist, I wanted to be a movie star.

Christianity made us think there's one heaven.

Everyone thinks of God as a man - you can't help it - Santa Claus was a man, therefore God has to be a man.

First of all, anybody who has lasted 30 and went through the 60's is really a survivor.

Horses pretty much broke as a record in England.

I always enjoyed doing transgender songs.

I had a really happy childhood - my siblings were great, my mother was very fanciful, and I loved to read. But there was always financial strife.

I have a daughter who's 11 years old. Maybe she'll grow up independent and really really heavy and become a movie star and she'll play me in my life story.

I like gettin' old.

I never thought I was gonna live to 30.

I think I'm constantly in a state of adjustment.

I've always thrived on the encouragement of others.

If I have any regrets, I could say that I'm sorry I wasn't a better writer or a better singer.

In art and dream may you proceed with abandon. In life may you proceed with balance and stealth.

In fact, I thought my calling was to be a painter.