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Sally Field Quotes

But I was losing so much bone density that I would have been in grave danger. And I mean grave danger. If I had let it go just a few more years I could have broken my hip or spine just picking up my granddaughter.

But there isn't any second half of myself waiting to plug in and make me whole. It's there. I'm already whole.

Change is never easy.

I came from a real working-class show business family.

I can't deny the fact that you like me! You like me!

I have never been beautiful in cliche terms.

I joined the Actors Studio and began to work with Lee Strasberg, and that changed my work.

I never really address myself to any image anybody has of me. That's like fighting with ghosts.

I really have no ulterior motive in taking on certain roles. I have no larger issue that I really want to show people. I'm an actor, that's all. I just do what I do.

I think that's very sad, that I haven't allowed my heart to be broken. I have broken a few.

I think the first thing I did was several scenes from Romeo and Juliet.

I was just lucky enough to grow up in a time when they actually had drama departments in schools.

I was raised to sense what someone wanted me to be and be that kind of person. It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else's eyes.

I would take plays and I would cut out all the other dialogue and make long monologues because I felt the other kids weren't taking it as seriously as I did.

I'm so vigorous, and I so take it for granted, because I've always been a real physical person.

I've never had my heart broken.

If I hadn't fought back, I might have been Gidget forever.

It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else's eyes.

Last year I was diagnosed with osteoporosis.

My agent said, 'You aren't good enough for movies.' I said, 'You're fired.'