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Stephan Jenkins Quotes

A lot of people say I wouldn't have a down day, but you look at the music and there's real melancholy.

Am I a rock star? Yeah, I guess.

Books stay with me and have shaped me and made huge impacts on my life.

But I'm not worried about seeking out the approval of others - that high school thing of joining the club.

But when our first album came out, I didn't think it was going to sell a lot of records.

I carry groceries home on the tank of my motorcycle.

I don't really believe in palm readers and crystal balls and tarot cards, but I respond to the need for them.

I don't think DIY is something that necessarily comes to mind when people hear Third Eye Blind, but that is completely how we've been from the beginning.

I find pleasure in things that are simple.

I have my share of insecurities, hopes and fears.

I like people who have a pulse and aren't afraid to show it.

I think if it's not monumental, there's no point.

I try to be the fixer of situations and I gravitate to people who are institutional misfits.

I was not someone who participated in other people's castles.

I've always identified with the misfits.

I've spent several years now with my head down.

It was a hard time for me to have a pure moment, to be present, to be here.

It's important to face down your demons.

My music is my way to rearrange the world according to my own hopes.

My music is so often like a lullaby I write to myself to make sense of things I can't tie together, or things I've lost, or things I'll never have.