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Stephanie Tubbs Jones Quotes

Even six months later, they have not figured out how do we help the people from the area get housing.

Everybody expects that their vote's going to count.

I am convinced that we as a body must conduct a formal and legitimate debate about election irregularities.

I raise this objection to debate the process, and protect the integrity of the true will of the people.

I think recent revelations about who's in what bed speak to the problems with what happened in the Gulf.

I think the federal government really should be supporting Louisiana and ensuring that every person from that area has an opportunity to vote on what will occur in the area.

I would not say that George Bush doesn't care about people at all. I think that his loyalties are to the upper class.

I'm duty-bound to follow the law and apply to the law to the facts as I find them.

If they're willing to stand at polls for countless hours in the rain, as many did, then I should surely stand up for them here in the halls of Congress.

It's real difficult to save when you don't have any money.

My reputation is too important to put it aside for purposes of some friendship. We have a job to do.

The current administration has made the decision to cut dollars going for community development block grants, for various incentives to bring cities back.