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Tina Turner Quotes

But I believe we have a higher level of mentality within us, but we have to use the power in the right way.

Delhi came as a shock. There were so many people, and oh, the traffic.

For me the goddess is the female of God, She is powerful if different.

Greatest hits is easy because one has nothing to do - except that we both, Roger and I, felt that new songs should be there because I've been away for awhile.

I am a practicing Buddhist. I have been for 25 years.

I am attracted to myths.

I believe in prayer and in strong belief.

I didn't have anybody, really, no foundation in life, so I had to make my own way. Always, from the start. I had to go out in the world and become strong, to discover my mission in life.

I didn't worry about it because I kind of felt I left a good message and memory with the people in terms of my work, and I always felt with a good record, I could always come back.

I don't like to dwell on the past.

I don't want to act just to be on the screen doing anything and looking any kind of way.

I don't want to be dragging myself on stage, year in year out, until someone else tells me it is time to go. There are certain birthdays that make you revalue your life.

I heard stories from my mother's mother who was an American Indian. She was spiritual, although she did not go to church, but she had the hum. She used to tell me stories of the rivers.

I know the difference between black magic and white magic.

I need that on stage. I need a burst of life. That's entertainment for me.

I never had that thing about being black. If the whole world was like that, maybe there would be more harmony and love.

I regret not having had more time with my kids when they were growing up.

I want to know what the difference between the essence of a man and woman is.

I was always attracted to science fiction movies.

I'm not wise, but the beginning of wisdom is there; it's like relaxing into - and an acceptance of - things.