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Vincent Donofrio Quotes

Acting is not a mystery. There's nothing that I know that other actors don't know. We all act, we're all actors, we all know the same thing. The only thing that separates us is experience.

All of us are trying to achieve 100 percent in our work. That's all we struggle to do. We never do, but we never stop trying until the day we die. It's that struggle to achieve 100 percent, that's where our performance lies, that's what the audience gets. They get the struggle.

And I have been able to establish this sort of decent reputation as being a decent character actor.

And then, as the years went on, I just kept moving along, busting into doors and getting roles, until I started to actually believe that what these other people were saying was true.

At our best, it's a good experience but we do 22 episodes a year, so there are some clunkers.

But the one thing that I did do was establish myself as a good actor.

Evil changes everybody!

I found my niche as a character actor, and I've never felt like a movie star or teen idol and never wanted to.

I think that being a producer is business and being an actor is art.

I took a route of acting, rather than starmaking, so it cost me a lot financially.

I want every episode to feel like we still haven't done this right yet.

I'll be working the rest of my life because I'm a character actor and don't have to worry about box office.

I'm a character actor, and I made a choice when I was young, after 'Mystic Pizza', not to go for the mainstream stuff, and to do a more eclectic kind of route.

I've never tried to be something I'm not.

If you try to go beyond your interests just for the sake of pretensions or wealth, your art becomes less legitimate.

It doesn't need to be a No 1 show, it just needs to be good.

It doesn't need to be a number one show, it just needs to be good.

It's like why people read scary books or go see scary movies. Because it creates a distance. They're scared, but they're not going to get hurt.

It's pretty simple, pretty obvious: that people's first impressions of people are really a big mistake.

Like De Niro. He's one of the best character actors we have ever had.