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Andres Serrano Quotes

An artist is nothing without his or her obsessions, and I have mine.

As a former Catholic, and as someone who even today is not opposed to being called a Christian, I felt I had every right to use the symbols of the Church and resented being told not to.

Being born, especially being born a person of color, is a political act in itself.

I am an artist first and a photographer second.

I am drawn to Christ but I have real problems with the Catholic Church.

I am just an artist.

I don't think that because I am Hispanic I should therefore do Hispanic work.

I have always felt that I am the sum total of my parts.

I have always felt that my work is religious, not sacrilegious.

I have never been able to see myself as fitting into one category, and I have never been able to limit my contact with people to one group of people.

I have never voted in my life.

I like Church furniture.

I like going to Church for aesthetic reasons, rather than spiritual ones.

I like the aesthetics of the Church.

I like to believe that rather than destroy icons, I make new ones.

I think if the Vatican is smart, someday they'll collect my work.

I usually refer to myself as Hispanic.

In my work, I explore my own Catholic obsessions.

My use of the medium - photography - is in some ways traditional.

My work has social implications, it functions in a social arena.