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Ben Jonson Quotes

A woman, the more curious she is about her face, is commonly the more careless about her house.

Ambition makes more trusty slaves than need.

And though thou hadst small Latin, and less Greek.

Apes are apes, though clothed in scarlet.

Art hath an enemy called Ignorance.

Drink to me only with thine eyes, And I will pledge with mine; Or leave a kiss but in the cup And I'll not look for wine.

Fortune, that favors fools.

Good men are the stars, the planets of the ages wherein they live, and illustrate the times.

He knows not his own strength that has not met adversity.

He that is taught only by himself has a fool for a master.

He threatens many that hath injured one.

Honor's a good brooch to wear in a man's hat at all times.

I do honour the very flea of his dog.

If you be sick, your own thoughts make you sick.

Ill fortune never crushed that man whom good fortune deceived not.

In small proportions we just beauties see; And in short measures, life may perfect be.

Language most shows a man, speak that I may see thee.

Let them call it mischief: When it is past and prospered t'will be virtue.

Neither do thou lust after that tawny weed tobacco.

O, for an engine, to keep back all clocks, or make the sun forget his motion!