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Chevy Chase Quotes

A laugh is a surprise. And all humor is physical. I was always athletic, so that came naturally to me.

All my children inherited perfect pitch.

Anyone who wants to run has to be a Jimmy Swaggart, minus the default.

Every Vacation movie didn't just make the studio money. They each made the studio a lot of money.

I don't know if my looks will ever get any better, but my pratfalls sure won't.

I have three daughters. I wanted them to be raised where there are real seasons and where everyone their age wasn't trying to get into movies.

I just went into this business for laughs. I guess I don't mind being an actor so much now.

I learned a lot about handling fans from established stars.

I made about 28 movies, and I think about five of them were good.

I tell the person I won't take a picture or sign the autograph, but I will shake their hand. That kind of personal touch is all they're really seeking.

I think the Clintons are brilliant. I've never met a person as intelligent as Bill, and I think Hillary is right up there with him. They're too smart for Washington.

I was always the guy getting kicked out of my classes at school for having an attitude problem.

I watched every single Charlie Chaplin film.

I'm Chevy Chase, and you're not.

If you're in the White House, it's your house, and you can invite whatever friend you want.

It took me 20 years of making movies to learn how to do it.

It's never a good idea for a celebrity to sign autographs or take pictures if a crowd is gathering.

Last good pratfall I did, I broke bones in both hands. I still feel it when people shake my hand.

Most of the films I've done were ruined in the postproduction, not during filming.

Once I got married and had kids, I moved away from romantic roles, because it seemed wrong to have my 3-year-old wondering why Daddy was kissing someone else.