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Colin Greenwood Quotes

Bill Withers and Curtis Mayfield, those are the people who informed me in playing the bass.

Coltrane would do what you'd get a Roland Pro Tools module to do but with a group of jazz musicians.

For me that's what's fascinating about the internet, that aggregate thing.

I don't listen to much modern composition.

I don't think anything's underground anymore. And I think that's a good thing. Everything is up for grabs.

I mean, I'm in a band, we're reasonably successful, I've got a very nice suit - I'm not even a bad person- so why can't I get a shag?

I trained as a classical guitarist but that was it.

I'm going to have classical piano lessons next.

I've seen the Mass For The End Of Time in concert but my brother's the more musical one really.

If you're working on a computer and you're editing bass, it looks like a warm curvy, sort of feminine object.

In Kid A and Amnesiac, the guitar becomes one more texture, difficult to separate from other textures.

In OK Computer, the guitar was already moving towards a tone generator as well as a riff generator.

It's a full on job just looking for human social responsibility.

Jonny doesn't want to do TV interviews because he thinks that he comes across as an idiot.

Limits are very important.

Motion Picture Soundtrack on Kid A was another Coltrane inspiration.

My page is junk, because I hate putting anything to do with me on the site, it just feels wrong.

One of the books we read a few years ago that had a big effect on us was Repeated Takes by Michael Chanan.

Our site should be like Paddington Station with a much better version of WH Smith's in it.

People need to focus on bigger issues instead of whether George Bush is an idiot or not.