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Crystal Gayle Quotes

All I ever want to do is what I am: a singer.

But these days, it's hard to make it just on a beautiful voice.

Country is not what you heard on the Grammys.

It used to be that Nashville would work to develop promising artists.

Nashville used to have more integrity than just looking at the bottom line.

Now so many really good groups who have had a first major hit can't get a deal for a second one.

So many singers want to act, and so many actors try to sing.

Staying focused is hard work and staying married is even harder.

There was a time when country never used to do videos.

Well, maybe surf one time; I think it would be fun to catch a wave just once.

Women have to show that tummy to stay noticed.

You have to be committed or you fall behind, lose out.

You're either in it for the long haul or you're not.