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Francois Rabelais Quotes

A bellyful is a bellyful.

A habit does not a monk make.

Because just as arms have no force outside if there is no counsel within a house, study is vain and counsel useless that is not put to virtuous effect when the time calls.

Believe me, 'tis a godlike thing to lend; to owe is a heroic virtue.

Debts and lies are generally mixed together.

Everything comes in time to those who can wait.

For he who can wait, everything comes in time.

Friends, you will notice that in this world there are many more ballocks than men. Remember this.

From the gut comes the strut, and where hunger reigns, strength abstains.

Frugality is for the vulgar.

Gestures, in love, are incomparably more attractive, effective and valuable than words.

Half the world does not know how the other half lives.

How can I govern others, who can't even govern myself?

How do you know antiquity was foolish? How do you know the present is wise? Who made it foolish? Who made it wise?

How shall I be able to rule over others, that have not full power and command of myself?

I drink no more than a sponge.

I have known many who could not when they would, for they had not done it when they could.

I place no hope in my strength, nor in my works: but all my confidence is in God my protector, who never abandons those who have put all their hope and thought in him.

I won't undertake war until I have tried all the arts and means of peace.

If the skies fall, one may hope to catch larks.