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Gary Cherone Quotes

Dave thought he was bigger than Van Halen the band. So there was this catfight going on for 10 years.

I am a big Pink Floyd fan. That is where a lot of the concept lyrics come from.

I did some research and tried to pull out some old, classic Van Halen that they had not played in 10 or 15 years. I think that was Sammy's mistake. I he didn't want to do the Dave stuff.

I don't know if I have enough guts to do a whole standard jazz record.

I have a little history. I met Stone Temple Pilots, and their guitar player was a huge Extreme fan. Somewhere down the road, Extreme made its statement.

I have had success throughout the years. Some of the hard rock bands today don't have the history that I have.

I sing in a higher register, and you haven't heard that on the radio in years.

I was growing up listening to Queen. Freddie Mercury threw those incredible melodies into his songs.

If I had had a chance to tour with Van Halen before the record, I think it would have been a different record.

If people get to the end of the record, then that is a treat.

In my writing with Extreme, there are heavy themes. The cover photo has me with a gun to my neck. I am not advocating suicide. I am taking the philosophy that man is the measure of his own fate.

It was fun while it lasted, but it never seemed real to me. I could not believe I was in Van Halen.

Michael Anthony is the Diplomat of Rock N Roll. He is the regular guy.

My favorite Extreme records were the last two. I can't listen to the first one.

Spitfire asked me if I had a problem talking about Van Halen or Extreme. I really don't. There are people who are just going to want to know what it was like to play with Eddie.

The voices on the record, that was trying to treat my voice like guitar players treat guitar tones.

There is no substitute for jamming and getting to know each other on the road.

There is nothing like singing a song that 20,000 people know and are singing back to you.

They hated Sammy Hagar for 12 years and they hate him to this day.

We didn't gel with Poison and the Bon Jovi. Bon Jovi was the best of the pop metal bands, but we never fit in with the hair metal stuff. We were never as hip as the Chili Peppers. We were in the middle.