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Gustav Mahler Quotes

A symphony must be like the world. It must contain everything.

All that is not perfect down to the smallest detail is doomed to perish.

An operetta is simply a small and gay opera.

Beauty and fullness of tone can be achieved by having the whole orchestra play with high clarinets and a carefully selected number of piccolos.

Behind me the branches of a wasted and sterile existence are cracking.

Destiny smiles upon me but without making me the least bit happier.

Discipline, work. Work, discipline.

Don't bother looking at the view - I have already composed it.

Even if people censure me, they should do so hat in hand.

Fortunately, something always remains to be harvested. So let us not be idle.

I also had a brother who was like me a musician and a composer. A man of great talent, far more gifted than I. He died very young... he killed himself in the prime of his life.

I am hitting my head against the walls, but the walls are giving way.

I beg of you... never assume an inner or an outer pose, never a disguise.

I don't let myself get carried away by my own ideas - I abandon 19 out of 20 of them every day.

I have become a different person. I don't know whether this person is better, he certainly is not happier.

I hope you will no longer accuse me of a lack of delicacy. as I now count on your understanding.

I live like a Hottentot. I cannot exchange one sensible word with anyone.

I was a crazy young man who let himself be blinded by his passions and obeyed only the impulses of the moment.

If a composer could say what he had to say in words he would not bother trying to say it in music.

If I weren't the way I am, I shouldn't write my symphonies.