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Gyorgy Ligeti Quotes

But I do not want to use Hungarian verses for British people.

But if you go from Moscow to Budapest you think you are in Paris.

First of all I listen to music. I like music.

For the past ten years I have had no financial problems.

Gesualdo was very important to me, I wanted to do something which corresponded to him.

I don't read such boring things. Life is too short.

I don't use old music.

I know already the music I will write. But the words? I have not yet decided.

I like to stay home and listen to recordings.

I listen to all kinds of music - new music, old music, music of my colleagues, everything.

I lived under the Nazis and under the Communists.

I only want to give a metaphysic for my music.

I write bars, for the musicians, because they have to be together.

If you come from Paris to Budapest you think you are in Moscow.

In my piano concerto I developed this polyphony to much higher complexity.

My grandfather was not a musician but he was an artist - a painter, a decorative painter.

New York is the dream world, the center of jazz and rock.

Once, in London, the BBC asked me what was my favorite English book. I said Alice in Wonderland.

People often thought Leopold Auer was Russian because he lived in St. Petersburg so long, almost fifty years.

Perhaps the better word is emotional yes, I am an emotional man.