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Herman Wouk Quotes

Discount my partiality, but my report is that so far The Winds of War is looking good.

I felt there's a wealth in Jewish tradition, a great inheritance. I'd be a jerk not to take advantage of it.

I learned about machinery, I learned how men behaved under pressure, and I learned about Americans.

I regard the writing of humor as a supreme artistic challenge.

Illusion is an anodyne, bred by the gap between wish and reality.

Income tax returns are the most imaginative fiction being written today.

Judaism has always been a strong interest of mine. My two sons speak Hebrew and are familiar with the scriptures and with rabbinic literature. This is the way we live.

Some people think that all the equipment you need to discuss religion is a mouth.

The only imaginative fiction being written today is income tax returns.

The President has a quick and able mind, though not everybody gives him that, not by a long shot.

Write a page a day. It will add up.