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Illeana Douglas Quotes

God only knows what else is on the web about me.

I always wanted to get into the horror genre. I like scary movies. I want to go to the fan shows and sign posters with my head hanging by a thread like a B-movie actress.

I come from a pretty strange family.

I had an obsession that I was male characters from movies.

I know as I'm taking my dying breath, the ambulance guy will ask me why they cancelled Action.

I like doing movies that relate to people's experience.

I like the idea of capturing people who aren't there to save the world.

I love anything to do with ventriloquism and magic.

I love sketch comedy. My real goal is to do something with Albert Brooks. That would be my fantasy. I stay up night and day thinking up stuff he might find funny.

I loved the idea of the Nerd as Hero, which Ghost World also had.

I met Patricia Neal, John Houseman. But I loved my grandfather because he was this kind, talented man.

I want to be an animated character. I'm also doing more writing and directing.

I wore a lot of vintage clothing. I dressed like a reporter, with a little card in my hat. I had these fantasies of who I wanted to be, so I'd dress like an explorer, a cowboy. I dressed up like Elton John a lot too. That was another period.

I'm a big fan of Albert Brooks, Nichols and May. I'd like to follow in their footsteps and do comedy films.

I'm a huge poster collector.

I've done a few studio films in the last few years where I feel like I've done good work, and then I only end up in two scenes. That's been very disappointing.

In high school, my goal was to be a writer for SNL, then I got into the acting.

It was an interesting way to come across in my first big role. To work with Robert DeNiro was very exciting.

It's nice to see a movie where people are actually succeeding.

The best situation is where they cast you and then they trust you.