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James Hetfield Quotes

Authority pisses me off. I think everyone should be able to drink and get loud whenever they want.

I choose to live, not just exist.

I like a women who's got some balls, some strength. As long as I can beat her at arm wrestling, that's fine.

I'd like to have a beer-holder on my guitar like they have on boats.

I'd rather regret doing something than not doing something.

If I hadn't of had music in my life, it's quite possible I'd be dead and I'd much rather be alive.

It's all fun and games 'till someone loses an eye, then it's just fun you can't see.

Sleep my friend, and you will see that dream is my reality.

We do this basically for ourselves. People appreciate it, which is cool, but I think they appreciate that we're doing it for ourselves. We're doing it our way, and how people like it is not up to us. We like it.