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Jason Alexander Quotes

But I didn't know much about directing a movie.

But one sets of grandparents lived on Davidson Avenue in the Bronx and one lived in Manhattan and I had an aunt and uncle in Queens, so in my heart I was a New Yorker.

I still don't know much about directing a movie.

I would work with any one of them again in a heartbeat because it was joyous and incredibly easy.

I'm always more motivated by the pain of a funny character than by what makes him funny.

The greatest part of the job was... that was for nine years it was a pleasure to go to work.

The show is like an Edwardian play - emotional life gets stepped on for the sake of accepted manners, and that's terrific for actors to play in.

The thing about For Better or Worse is the only thing that made me an okay director for that is that I have a sense of humor, and it was supposed to be funny.

We made a deal that was acceptable to us. We got paid very handsomely for our final season.

Well, let's put in this way, I grew up in West New York, New Jersey.

You know, because of the lack of budget, we had to find neighborhoods where time had stopped - kind of stuck in the '50s. And no place had that better than Staten Island.