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Jean Alesi Quotes

Although it's only the beginning of the championship, I am very surprised at my capability.

Am I calm all the time? That is a question to ask my mother. I am very happy in my home. I have a good family, that gives me something extra.

Eddie Jordan found me all the drives. If I am with Tyrrell today, it is because Eddie was there.

Experience has taught me that you have to improve all the time-little bit by little bit-and not keeping starting everything from new.

I am a professional. At the circuit I am calm. At home I am very different.

I am not close to retirement. I still have a lot more that I can achieve. There are younger guys coming into F1, but I am not old and I'm not finished.

I decided to do the maximum to hold onto the lead for as long as possible. That is why I pushed so hard from the beginning. I was at 100 percent concentration.

I have never won a race, and that is my main disappointment - but you have to be positive.

I lived in England to learn English. When I went to England for the first time, it was like being on the Moon. I had no friends, I couldn't speak the language. I was very isolated.

I made my choice to be in Ferrari. It is not easy because it is important for a man to have satisfaction. And for me to get the satisfaction I want means getting results.

I must use Ferrari to the maximum. My priority is to get results. Then we will see what happens.

I think I will have a lot of opportunities in the future.

I was quite excited, but I was sure I wouldn't win the race. I am a realist.

I will be better in Monte Carlo than I was in Phoenix. If I can't win maybe I will lead 50 laps.

I'm not sure they understand everything about racing cars. I am not sure that this is wise.

It wasn't all frustration. I've had a lot of good times with Ferrari as well.

It's my job, but I think it is too much.

My contract is just for this year, but I have an option for next year. It is not signed at this moment, but I am only concentrating on this year. I don't know exactly what I will do in the future.

That was my dream, to drive for Ferrari, but I am not a kid any more. If Ferrari is the best team and if I get the chance to drive for Ferrari, it would be with pleasure.

To be honest, I am not happy about all the publicity.