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Jerry Kramer Quotes

College was especially sweet because of the positive, hopeful atmosphere of a college campus.

In November, 1964 when I was a patient at the Mayo Clinic I though seriously about killing myself.

It is something that most parents hope for in life: That their children will be moderately successful, polite, decent human beings. Anything on top of that is something you have no right to hope for, but we all do.

My whole life has been one of seeking experience.

Normally, if you go through a game without attracting attention, you are doing a hell of a job.

Old #64 chose... a gentle jog, fast enough to prove I was alive, slow enough to savor the cheers. They washed over me. They warmed me. I knew I could live without them but I loved them.

Probably the best part of my life has been watching the kids play their games.

The whole book experience was a look into another world, the world of Gore Vidal and Norman Mailer.

Then to have your baby playing at the school you played at and having him play well is a special treat.

There's a great deal of love for one another on this club. Perhaps we're living in Camelot.

To have that kind of ovation, that happens very seldom for a lineman.

We will pay any price that we are instructed to. But the money has to come from somewhere.

When the game is over it is really just beginning.