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Jim Fowler Quotes

According to Johnny Carson, I was the guy who Marlon sent out to do all the dirty work.

Almost all these hotspots around the world, most have been destroyed to the point where there is no wildlife and very little of the natural world left.

Along 4 Mile Run, there was a nice woods down in front of the house. I used to run around there.

But I'll tell you what, there was a lot of farmland between Falls Church and Washington.

Everybody has a camcorder now, and they exploit these incidents and blow them all out of proportion.

Haiti looks like a bomb hit it.

How we treat the earth basically effects our social welfare and our national security.

I always said it was to be dumb enough to do what Marlon Perkins said to do.

I don't think we're going to save anything if we go around talking about saving plants and animals only; we've got to translate that into what's in it for us.

I don't want to save a creek for the creek's sake, but what's in it for human beings.

I had travelled pretty widely around the world even before then, so I knew where to go to film wildlife.

I have a lot of memories of Falls Church. I went to grade school in Madison Elementary School.

I remember very much there in Falls Church there was a creek that was flowing down into 4 Mile Run. I believe it's now covered up where it goes under Columbia Street. I found a whole family of weasels down there.

I was amazed at the house that I grew up in; it looks practically identical to the way it was, but I couldn't recognize it because of the size of the trees.

I'm a little different from all those conservation types.

Johnny Carson started the jokes about me and Marlin in his monologues.

Marlon was more of a formal zoo director type.

Most of what you see now emphasizes animals being dangerous to humans.

My father being an outdoors person, he used to take us on quite a few adventures thorugh the wild areas down there, introducing us to alligators and rattlesnakes and all the trees and plants.

My father was a soil scientist with the Geological Survey.