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Joe Morton Quotes

Basically, the actor's job is to pay attention to the script.

Film and television is just a different technique in terms of how to approach the camera but basically the job is the same; but what you learn as a craft in theater, you can then learn to translate that into any mediums.

I came into the industry at a time when there weren't a lot of choices to what you could do.

I love doing movies but I loved doing theatre just as much.

I think it talks about that there needs to be some proactive attack against drugs infiltrating our culture.

I think it talks about the fact that there are black people in the world who have tremendous amount of talents and have no channel through which they can those talents.

I think people believe that I give ant aura of someone who has both feet on the ground.

I think the thing is with a movie that has this much science fiction in it; you need characters who are more science fact, if you know what I mean, than they are human.

I would love to play the villain, but again, it sort of what happens in this industry.

If there's no craft there, then once the looks go, there goes your career.

If you have the skill, then you can move as you age.

James Cameron has always been way ahead of the curve in terms of the use of technology in his movies.

One, I had never worked with John Woo before and I wanted to see what that was like, and two, Ben Affleck is a friend, so it would be fun to work with him again.

The advice that I usually give to young actors is that if you can create a character for the stage and keep that character fresh for at least 6 months that means you're doing the show eight times a week.

There are lots of stories about my culture that I think bring a whole other perspective to who we are and where we have been and how we got here that I think need to be done.

Unfortunately, most actors want to play off their own personal mystique and good looks and whatever, but that will only carry you but so far.

When I started off many years ago, I made a determination that there were certain roles I didn't want to play.

With my background, I came out of the theater.

Yes, I would love to play one of the leads in one these movies and have all those challenges and deal with all those complications, but the business being what it is, there is a slot for me in these kinds of films, so I enjoy them, and I enjoy the people that I work with.