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Johnny Rivers Quotes

About two months into the Whisky, I borrowed some money and rented a remote recording truck.

After that initial success, every chance we got we'd hire that remote recording truck and just record stuff at the Whisky because it was so inexpensive.

Alan's publishing company was in the Brill Building, and of course, the Brill Building was where all the songwriters hung out because that's where all the publishers were.

But I always loved songs with great lyrics.

Even Woodstock turned out to be a disaster. Everybody was stuck in the mud and people got sick.

Guys like Otis Blackwell and Bobby Darin, and all the guys who were writing songs for Elvis at the time, just hanging around, writing songs, talking about music.

I accepted an offer to do a concert for the reopening of the Mall of Memphis.

I got to see all these incredible blues players, like Jimmy Reed.

I learned some chords and I started watching anybody I could, once I really got into it.

I loved playing and I was actually working two jobs.

I think after 1970 or so, after I sold Soul City, I took off for awhile and didn't do too many gigs.

I think my favorite album was probably Realization.

I was working at this club in downtown L.A. from four to eight at night, just Eddie Rubin, the drummer, and I.

I'd gone through periods where I didn't work live performances for probably seven or eight months at a time.

I've got a Fender Concert amp from the '60s, the one Joe Osborn used. He played his bass through it.

In 1965, Gibson made the red one I use now, and a black one, which was the first black 335 they ever made.

In early '57, I bought a Fender Telecaster.

Jack and I usually get together and sit around in the afternoons and start throwing ideas around.

My first really good guitar was a Gibson J-45.

One of the first groups we signed was the Fifth Dimension.