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Judy Woodruff Quotes

Every news organization should ideally be as broadly representative as possible.

I've never seen Washington as divided as we are right now.

If image is everything, how can the Democratic presidential hopefuls compete with a President fresh from a war victory.

Is this administration, the Clinton administration, an administration that needed defending?

It's always unfortunate when a reporter is sent behind bars for failing to turn over sources. There's no way to say what the long-term outcome will be.

Politics is in my blood. I'd love to be involved in 2008, maybe even '06.

There have been trade-offs every day, every month, every year. There's a lot that I missed and I do have regrets in that area. But I have been able to bring to my family the richness of being a journalist.

We decided to focus on women because no one was singling them out.