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Keith David Quotes

Actually, I wanted to be an actor when I was two years old.

And it has some weight, I mean, the whole history of the gargoyles, that's some wonderful stuff.

But Gargoyles, bar none, is the most fun I've ever had in life.

I am working on my nightclub act, definitely want to do more singing.

I came out singing, the doctor slapped me on the head, and I started singing.

I don't think they're going to pay me to play Mufasa.

I loved old movies as a kid, so I always watched old movies.

In fact, I have never met anyone who didn't like Gargoyles.

It can't hurt, publicity is publicity, controversy and all that, it's all good.

My whole life, I always wanted to be an actor.

Well, you know, I played Mufasa in the workshop of The Lion King.

What has been happening more lately - of course, I also put in my bio, I say I do the voice of Goliath, but some people go - you know, I say something, and it's a funny thing when you work in this business, people will talk out loud in front of you like you're not there.