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Kenny Cunningham Quotes

He was a fantastic player, but the thing that impressed me most about Paul was his manner off the pitch. He was always very humble about his achievements and had a lot of time for the paying public and people in general.

I am hugely proud to have played for Ireland.

I became more confident within myself and matured as a person and become a little bit more opinionated - maybe the lads might say a little bit too opinionated for their liking but that is just a natural progression for a player.

I definitely want to be involved but only while I think I can make a contribution and I make a difference.

I enjoyed seven years at Wimbledon and there were high and low points.

I never felt I would be part of the international scene for 50 caps in my wildest dreams.

I never felt I would get to the stage where I would to have to actively think about retiring from international football as I always thought it would pass me by.

I wouldn't even mention myself in the same breath as someone like big Paul.

It will be difficult to let go but it is going to happen sooner rather than later in my case.

Looking back I find it hard to believe that I could forge a career in anything other than football but I didn't do too badly in my final exams and there were a few business-related courses that interested me.