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Kristin Davis Quotes

Also, it was a cultural moment that wasn't being represented in terms of women who were successful and had choices they didn't have before. They needed a show that they can watch that they felt like represented them.

As an actress, there's nothing worse than not knowing your cues.

But you know, our show is our show, and it's not for everybody.

Dogs are very, very pleasant with people that they're connected to.

Everyone would talk about their diets and working out and what it made me do was go to craft services where all the food for the cast and crew was and I would eat.

I also like men who like dogs. I couldn't date a man who doesn't like my dog.

I just loved being in the theatre with all those crazy, creative people.

I like green or brown eyes. Tall but not overwhelmingly so. I like men who do yoga and meditate.

I love animals and I love to see movies with animals that are done respectfully, you know?

I love theater.

I think I can speak for all four of us on the show here. We all consider ourselves to be feminists and we get very upset when people don't think we are. We're like, where did this come from? Of course we are.

I was very poor and I was a waitress, and it's hard to be a poor waitress in New York.

I'd wanted to be an actress my whole life, that was my goal, that was all I cared about.

I'm an actress who likes a strong, communicative director.

I'm having a great career, though I think I'm not as good as your little scenario makes me out to be.

I'm just happy when people want me to work for them.

I'm not about to go out and buy a snake for a pet. I mean, I may have faced a few fears but I'm not insane.

I've been dating since I was fifteen. I'm exhausted. Where is he?

If I'm walking very, very fast down Madison Avenue in the middle of the day, I'll say I'm stopped 10 times.

Let's just say that I don't think our show has very much in common with the book any more.