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Mark Ruffalo Quotes

Also, stick around. Don't lose your heart, just keep going, keep at it.

And my mother caught wind of this. She never had really tried to guide my career or really had any say in my life as an adult, but this was the one time she said she would never speak to me again if I quit acting.

As we're bombarded with the imagery that we are and now, post 9-11, it's hard not to get hardened by the world and the amount of violence that's allowed to be shown to kids these days.

But, the relationships that I see work - As long as they're telling the truth, and saying the things that you don't ever want to have to say to another human being.

Commercials that are geared towards kids. I think they should just, like, wipe them out.

Do theater. Because you'll develop a craft that you'll always have. It'll give you a chance to really learn how to act and you won't go into the world with a few measly tricks that will only carry you so far.

I became an actor so I didn't have to be myself.

I come from a traditional theater background.

I didn't really have any interest in producing anything.

I do readings at the public library. I just did a benefit scene night for my old acting teacher.

I don't want to feel like I'm stuck doing one-stock performances.

I enjoyed growing up part of my life in Virginia Beach. We had the ocean and the beach and a beautiful landscape. We were outdoors all the time and we played outside.

I had to work on a Marlin boat, like gutting fish, like as the bait boy.

I like to disappear in the parts I play.

I like to think the movies that I've picked have something worthwhile to say. Something relevant.

I live a bourgeois life.

I still feel like I'm trying to make it. It's hard to shed the struggling actor thing.

I think of marriage as a garden. You have to tend to it. Respect it, take care of it, feed it. Make sure everyone is getting the right amount of, um, sunlight.

I think we've all been kind of... everyone's been hurt, everyone's felt loss, everyone has exultation, everyone has a need to be loved, or to have lost love, so when you play a character, you're pulling out those little threads and turning them up a bit.

I was bartending for a long time and going on auditions and was constantly being rebuffed.