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Martin Kippenberger Quotes

A good artist has less time than ideas.

Assuming roles is something that simply won't work for me, since I don't have a style. None at all.

Entertainment and art are not isolated.

Entertainment is in art like color in pictures.

I can't cut off an ear everyday. Do the Van Gogh here and the Mozart there. Anyway it's exhausting enough always having to check up on what one is really doing!.

I'm not interested in provoking people, but only in trying to be consoling.

My style is where you see the individual and where a personality is communicated through actions, decisions, single objects and facts, where the whole draws together to form a history.

Nobody helps anybody.

What I'm working on is for people to be able to say that Kippenberger had this really good mood.

What people will say about me then - or maybe not say - will be the only thing that finally counts.

You really can't bring about anything new with art.