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Mary Lou Retton Quotes

As a kid, I was a pretty good little sprinter.

As simple as it sounds, we all must try to be the best person we can: by making the best choices, by making the most of the talents we've been given.

Be cocky. Walk into the Georgia Dome like you own it.

Companies that support sports developmental programs in our communities should also be applauded.

For athletes, the Olympics are the ultimate test of their worth.

For six years, I kept my five Olympic medals wrapped in a plastic bread bag beneath my bed.

Former Olympians also get paid to make appearances. Many of them won their medals in an era when Olympic success didn't go hand-in-hand with financial success.

Fragile egos are put on the line every day.

Getting to know athletes from all over the planet is a big part of the Olympic experience.

Having a home away from the media glare is important to world-class athletes.

I love her attitude, but as much as I'd like to bring my medals to a speech or appearance, I never do.

I usually don't mind giving autographs, but when hundreds of folks with paper and pen start coming at you, it's time to seek shelter.

If I had a bad performance in a particular leotard, I threw it in the trash.

In L.A., we had a game room with a new sensation called Pac-Man.

In the dressing room, I always put on my right shoe first. Same thing for my right wristband.

Many athletes competing in Atlanta wouldn't be here if it weren't for corporate support.

Many medal winners dream of competing in a sport other than the one they're famous for.

Pay-per-view would deprive many kids of the delight of seeing the Olympics.

That's because the International Olympic Committee has a policy of never replacing medals.

The endorsement game has been very good to me.