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Meg White Quotes

Apparently, there's a little red demon dwarf that haunts the city, and before every major bad thing that's happened, it's appeared to somebody. Last time, he appeared in a Cadillac.

Because you can be lazy if you don't know the truth.

Downtown Detroit has more vacant buildings over 10 storeys than any city in the world.

Even at the last minute we were still debating what was gonna be released as the first single.

Every second is mapped out and he has this total childish fascination with color and shapes and sequences.

Everything else outside me seems far, far away.

I don't want to know about my biggest idols. I don't want to read their autobiographies, I don't want to find out what they're really like.

I got more used to my own voice, but still it's hard for me to listen to my own voice, or hear the recordings.

I have to have the cotton candy shipped in.

I met Drew Barrymore in New York and she said she liked the band. That was really cool. I grew up on her.

I remember rehearsing it, and it was the one that we were really excited about and thought would sound the best, and once it was down on tape, it was like, This doesn't actually sound that good.

I think there's a lot of problems with being a two-party system.

I wouldn't want to be in a Lisa episode. They're kind of boring. Maybe a Homer one would be better.

I've always kind of lived in my own world.

I've never been much into picking things apart.

It's cool to meet your idols. It's a good opportunity to travel. Those kinds of things are good.

It's hard listening to myself.

It's hard to get that real good feeling about festivals sometimes.

It's pretty sad when you have to choose between the lesser of two evils.

It's the emotion of it that hits me, more than anything technical.