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Nicole Appleton Quotes

Any room where you feel a good vibe is a good place to write.

Being a mum has made me a lot more responsible, it's not just me anymore. But it's also brought me the most joy ever!

For me being the youngest, there was never ever anything that was an issue to cause rivalry between me and my sisters.

Giving birth was easier than having a tattoo.

I could see us doing solo material in the future.

I'll get pretty much everything the way I want it. I've always dreamed of a beach wedding.

It's my first presenting role so I'll be nervous, but it's going to be great fun. I can't wait to sample the food and meet the celebrities. Hopefully I can inject some of my own glamour.

It's really exciting and kind of special, especially having our own band. It's just completely different.

Nothing beats having this beautiful child look at me and say mum. I get soppy all the time.