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Nicole Sullivan Quotes

I thought that somehow your life would be much different when you're famous... and it's not. You just buy more stuff.

I was only in LA for two weeks when I got that job. And I didn't work again for two years.

I'm friends with Hank Azaria. We were on a show together 800 years ago, and we laugh every single time.

If you want to be an actor, you need to learn how to act first, even in sketch comedy.

It's a lot easier, I think, to be an actor in a movie than to spin a joke on a sitcom.

It's the most amazing cast, a dream cast. We laugh all the time.

My kitty cats could rely on my poker winnings.

My mother, she's like, She can work on herself.

Once you're able to look like an idiot and be OK with it, it opens up your potential.

Part of me wanted something bloody and really fun.