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Olivier Martinez Quotes

Also, I have found that I really like to work in English. It's very strange because it's exactly the opposite of what I thought it would be like.

And I think it is the genius of actors to be able to escape whatever people are expecting of them. Otherwise you become like a factory worker.

And what's more I've got no need for anyone to tell me how to do it. I am not interested. You act how you want to and leave me alone to do my own thing.

Before, I was so stupid. But, you know, when you have friends who died on the street, you say, okay, let's calm down. It's not the kind of energy I want to have in life. I want to go slower, and longer.

But what I really like are old Hollywood movies. Very often I watch AMC.

But when you work with the director and the real person who is playing opposite you, it changes everything. You are almost in a working session. I was very comfortable, and that's maybe what helped me to get the part.

I always say I was born too late in the world, too old.

I don't feel restricted by the language: I feel more free.

I don't have goals in life.

I don't want to dig in the truth all of the time. Let me dream.

I like Brad Pitt; I just have nothing to do with him.

I never analyze why I was with one woman instead of another.

I played a scene at the end of my first year, and that's how I was discovered.

I quit after a bad car accident. The thing about boxing is that you can be a star for five or six years, but when you go back to the old life, it's tough.

I really believe great actors, even with disease and age, can be great.

I see my friends, my family, my cousins work all day long for very little money, and if I have this problem of not being able to wall on the streets, it's not a big deal.

I want just to be happy and peaceful. And that's not always the case when you're married.

I wanted to become a champ - I was surrounded by champs in my family and in my neighborhood - and because of this stupid accident, I lost my opportunity.

I was born and raised in a suburb of Paris by a working-class family.

I'll always be a foreigner.