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Patricia Clarkson Quotes

And I have a really great agent and I know it's almost an oxymoron to say you have a smart agent. But she is and she has a beautiful aesthetic and she has guided me.

And now oddly I'm getting sexier parts than I've ever gotten.

But I have had the luxury of working on good films with great people.

But no, had I been successful in my 20s I would have been just fine. But it is nice to defy the odds.

Holly Hunter has been doing great work forever.

I always try to approach character first and foremost viscerally.

I don't like a lot of rehearsing.

I have to watch the news or my day is not complete.

I just have a thing for writers. Maybe it because I'm just so not a writer.

I love writers. All of my best friends are writers.

I think it kind of took being a character actor to kind of now enter into leading ladies.

I think it would be hard to go the distance in this business without a sense of humor.

I think it's always harder in a film to convey intimacy.

I'll read a script maybe twice, but I'll think about the role more than I'll rehearse lines.

I'm obsessed. I've always needed to know what's going on but now it's a must.

I'm really a director's actor. I rely heavily on a director.

I'm still traumatized that I'm going to be on a big screen in a white bikini and naked so who knows!

If my gravy train stops at SAG, honey, it's been a great ride.

It's never easy with characters in these dark and grave circumstances but that's my job.

New Orleans. Born and raised. I lived there until I was 19.