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Patti Lupone Quotes

A show is exhausting when it stinks. It's exhausting when you have to work overtime to make something work.

A well-rounded performer will listen to all kinds of music. I like classical, Middle Eastern, and rock a lot.

Anybody that goes to the theater, I think we're all misfits, so we ended up on stage or in the audience.

I just create, that's what I do.

I just love chickens.

I learned a long time ago from David Mamet to wipe your feet at the door, get it out on stage and then go about your life.

I played the tuba in high school. I wanted to be a member of the marching band. I thought, what can I play that has the most effect? What can I play to get people to laugh?

I think Madonna is a wonderful performer.

I'm totally Italian, but I'm not a diva. If you could see the way I'm dressed in daily life, that's not a diva. Appearances are so not important to me.

Smile at a stranger. See what happens.

The theater is a tough place. It's not cushioned the way it is in film and television.

The word diva to me means doing something supernatural with something natural.

To be nominated was enough, but when I won I the Tony I just felt relief.

We're not show-business people. We have a life.