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Paul Guilfoyle Quotes

Acting is constant exploration.

American shows don't always translate, but this one has and speaking for myself I'm quite glad for it.

I don't know what an audience wants to see but I know what I like to see.

I look forward to the end of all this money-making part of the career, to be truthful.

It isn't always hard work that does the job.

It's exciting to think that something I'm involved in is touching so many people in so many cultures.

Some of the best movies made about crime are those where the crime solver can get inside the head of the serial killer, and those are the techniques we use in C.S.I.

Strive to be authentic all the time. That's sort of my philosophy on life, which applies to acting.

The real rub is finding that authentic self and it's not something that's going to come to you overnight.

The worst acting is about imitation.

Well I think that the mind of a serial killer and the mind of the detectives represent the duality we face as people.

You know, dramas are much more expensive to do than say a comedy, so any kind of deficit like that is picked up on when it comes time for them to pick up new shows.