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Phil Anselmo Quotes

And it seems to be today, image is a real important thing once again.

I can easily say I've done everything I've wanted in music.

I wasn't that wild about that. I told them basically if they were really going to want to bring back heavy metal to a program on MTV, then they are really going to have to get in touch with what real heavy metal is.

It seems like if you are not painted up special way or have some tailor made outfit to put on to go out on stage... I don't know... there's too much of it out there.

There it is again. Image. Once again. I get really tired of it quick.

This is the band I always wanted to be in.

To me, I'm for a band whose forefront is the music.

We definitely have a hardcore following.

With this LP we were all very clear on the approach we wanted to take, which was to do something heavy, but also experiment with a lot of other things we really like.