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Richard Obrien Quotes

Even though we know freedom as an idea we're not really as free as we think we are.

However, there's three reasons for doing things in this particular world. One is love, one is prestige and the other's money. If you get all three together, that's fine.

I absolutely adore working in the realms of fantasy.

I am 58 and it's difficult for people to gauge my age.

I do like to be creative and I'm very lucky that I've been given different areas in which I'm able to do that - whether it be film or television or theatre or whatever. I'm also still into music and recording.

I have done every job in the Theatre apart from wardrobe. I was out of work more times than I was in it.

I never wanted to be aligned to a mature group because they go off and become politicians and stuff.

I paid my dues at drama school and worked backstage in every Theatre in London.

I would have loved to have been in The Stand. I would also loved to have been in The Mask.

I'm not driven by money and I'm not driven by career.

I'm one of those people who never really joined the grown-ups.

I'm surrounded by it. I have so many lovely people around me who are supportive, gentle, kind and considerate. I'm so grateful for every day that I'm on the planet and that continues to be so.

I've been cushioned against having to work, with Rocky's continual bounty.

I've never been driven by fame or money or anything like that. It's never been part of my psyche.

I've never wanted to play bank managers and real people particularly.

It is difficult to go on the next night after you receive a sandbagging.

Life's too short to be working with divas.

Not that I have any interest in saying goodbye to Rocky. I absolutely adore being involved and a part of something that is really a phenomenon.

So all the rest is O.K., but fame is a hollow ground, isn't it? It's an empty kind of thing.

The fact that someone came forward and offered $1.25 million to make a movie was astonishing. We were also allowed to keep many of the original stage cast.