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Richard Steele Quotes

A little in drink, but at all times your faithful husband.

A Woman is naturally more helpless than the other Sex; and a Man of Honour and Sense should have this in his View in all Manner of Commerce with her.

A woman seldom writes her mind but in her postscript.

Fire and swords are slow engines of destruction, compared to the tongue of a Gossip.

I cannot think of any character below the flatterer, except he who envies him.

I look upon it as a Point of Morality, to be obliged by those who endeavour to oblige me.

It is an endless and frivolous Pursuit to act by any other Rule than the Care of satisfying our own Minds in what we do.

It is to be noted that when any part of this paper appears dull there is a design in it.

Nothing can atone for the lack of modesty; without which beauty is ungraceful and wit detestable.

Reading is to the mind what exercising is to the body.

That man never grows old who keeps a child in his heart.

The fool within himself is the object of pity, until he is flattered.

The married state, with and without the affection suitable to it, is the completest image of heaven and hell we are capable of receiving in this life.

There is no Pleasure like that of receiving Praise from the Praiseworthy.

To be exempt from the Passions with which others are tormented, is the only pleasing Solitude.