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Ricky Ponting Quotes

I had big shoes to fill, but the way we have been playing has made the transition easy.

I've told the guys to keep their heads up. I really believe we played a great game here.

It was a long, hard, tough day. We managed to just sneak through, it was an unbelievable Test match.

It's a song that we sing after we win a Test match. We sing it after every one-day series win. It's been passed down through the generations. It's the culture of the Australian team.

It's always good to win a Test match and if you win it comfortably, it can leave a few psychological marks on opposition sides.

It's nice to put your hand up and do the big things the team requires of you.

We have played so well that the guys have really made my job fairly easy.

We knew that if we had to win the World Cup, the defensive side of the game had to be better, which means bowlers will have to bowl tight and we will have to field better.