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Robert Kirkman Quotes

Fights in real life between real people only last so long before someone gets seriously hurt.

I definitely have character arcs in mind for each character unless I kill them.

I don't presume to think I'm great at anything.

I have things planned for every character like what they're doing down the road and coming to different realizations but I don't have how they overlap.

I have trouble writing if I can't picture how things are going to look.

I know there are a lot of readers that think I've got a very crappy marriage just because of the things going on with Rick and Lori but there's really nothing that's been like a mirror. I'm just making this stuff up.

I like good stories above all else... and kickin' art really goes the final stretch to ensure a comic is good.

I make a lot more off the trades and Image than Marvel.

I think Walking Dead is more of a stretch for me because I'm a light hearted superhero kind of guy.

I think Walking Dead is one of the friendliest new reader type books in that every time a new trade is shipped out, a new issue is shipped out at the same time.

I want to spend my time exploring the characters we've already got here. I want to give them more time to shine before the team gets to have 400 members.

I will say that Rick will probably die before the end of the book. I'll go ahead and put that in print. Nobody's safe. I've almost killed him three times already.

I will work on Invincible until I am made to quit.

I write the way I write.

I'm all for selling books, but when guys are burning my house down, that's where I draw the line.

I'm only 24 so I like to think I'm still close enough to 17 to still remember what it was like. Besides, I could just fake it and get away with it... it's not like there are any teenagers that still read comics.

If I'm grumpy I sure do enjoy writing The Walking Dead.

It's nice to know that what you're doing is being read and enjoyed by a good deal of people.

It's no secret that I love the Ultimate line.

June 2005 is the five year anniversary of the debut of Battle Pope.