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Robert Stone Quotes

At the time, acid made me consider questions of reality, the difference, as someone said, between words and silence. It also brought back a lot of latent religious feelings in me that I had turned my back on.

Everybody's after a new morning. What do we have to run up and salute tomorrow?

I think everybody must be aware that this society is a whole lot shakier now than it was before the war. I was trying to examine, in 'Dog Soldiers,' the process of that blow falling on America.

I'm not much crazier than anybody else, but I'm not much saner.

It's all about letting the story take over.

It's creepy, knowing someone might be watching me. Why do they need that?

It's easy to create a country, all you have to do is to think of a name for it.

Life is a means of extracting fiction.

The process of creating is related to the process of dreaming although when you are writing you're doing it and when you're dreaming, it's doing you.

What is worst about America was acted out. What is best in America doesn't export.