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Sally Kellerman Quotes

And he was going to give me a song, because I'm a singer and I wanted to sing in everything.

He wasn't directing it, of course, so I didn't work with Hitchcock.

I didn't want to do it... I'd been trying to get out of TV for years!

I got more bands and went on the road and turn down more movies than you would believe.

I had just had small parts in other films, and I'd worked with a lot of directors in TV.

I hope to have some more cracks at some wonderful roles before I go to the Great Beyond.

I remember working with Rod, though, on Chrysler Hour. I was too young and dumb to know that I was supposed to be scared of anybody or anything - like getting fired or anything like that.

I was also the romantic lead in The Boston Strangler - I was the only one that lived to tell the story - so I called myself the romantic lead.

I was always playing the hard-bitten drunk.

I was always telling everybody that I could be funny.

I was an idiot in terms of career-building, but I had a great time.

I was in group therapy for years but it wasn't the same thing. It was more about growing.

I wasn't a businesswoman, so I didn't know how to build a career.

I work out, I go to pilates, I walk and I eat everything I can get my hands on.

I'm very close with Bob and his lovely, fabulous wife Catherine, too.

It hasn't been smooth or delightful every minute, there were lean years and rough years, but it's been exciting and good and I'm thrilled to be an actress and a singer and to have spent my life this way.

My friends always said that I should be a comedienne - I was named my class clown.

No, I don't belong to a retirement community.

Well, it was the beginning of my film career. It was amazing to me that I got nominated for an Academy Award.

Well, you know, I've had a very checkered career.