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Samuel Richardson Quotes

A beautiful woman must expect to be more accountable for her steps, than one less attractive.

A good man, though he will value his own countrymen, yet will think as highly of the worthy men of every nation under the sun.

A husband's mother and his wife had generally better be visitors than inmates.

A man may keep a woman, but not his estate.

A Stander-by is often a better judge of the game than those that play.

A widow's refusal of a lover is seldom so explicit as to exclude hope.

All human excellence is but comparative. There may be persons who excel us, as much as we fancy we excel the meanest.

All our pursuits, from childhood to manhood, are only trifles of different sorts and sizes, proportioned to our years and views.

As a child is indulged or checked in its early follies, a ground is generally laid for the happiness or misery of the future man.

Calamity is the test of integrity.

Every one, more or less, loves Power, yet those who most wish for it are seldom the fittest to be trusted with it.

Every scholar, I presume, is not, necessarily, a man of sense.

For the human mind is seldom at stay: If you do not grow better, you will most undoubtedly grow worse.

From sixteen to twenty, all women, kept in humor by their hopes and by their attractions, appear to be good-natured.

Great allowances ought to be made for the petulance of persons laboring under ill-health.

Handsome husbands often make a wife's heart ache.

Honeymoon lasts not nowadays above a fortnight.

Hope is the cordial that keeps life from stagnating.

Humility is a grace that shines in a high condition but cannot, equally, in a low one because a person in the latter is already, perhaps, too much humbled.

If the education and studies of children were suited to their inclinations and capacities, many would be made useful members of society that otherwise would make no figure in it.