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Scott Hamilton Quotes

Adversity, and perseverance and all these things can shape you. They can give you a value and a self-esteem that is priceless.

Always try to maintain complete tolerance and always make an effort to give people more than they expect.

And so figure skating was a great vehicle for me to kind of be competitive at something, without having to be big.

And the fact that I liked to show off and be the center of attention really lends itself to figure skating very well.

But I never really thought that I would be extraordinarily successful at skating, it's just something that happened, you know.

Everything that I've ever been able to accomplish in skating and in life has come out of adversity and perseverance.

Fame is a very confusing thing, because you are recognized by a lot of people that you've never seen before, and they're at a great advantage.

From the fall of October, 1980 to March, 1984 I never lost a competition.

Half of figure skating is opinion, convincing judges.

I didn't want to be the sissy figure skater, you know.

I don't think most teachers realize how much impact they have.

I graduated a the top of my class in the '84 Olympic Games; I won a gold medal.

I had a ninth grade teacher who told me I was much smarter and much better than I was allowing myself to be.

I just try to touch people's hearts in a way through skating, so they're not just witnessing a performance, they're feeling a performance and they're a part of it.

I started skating and I kind of liked it because I could run circles around the guys that wouldn't pick me to play baseball.

I was more interested in skating and the girls and traveling than I was in calculus.

I was nine-years-old when I first put on skates.

I'm very accessible. I don't get into this ego thing.

Male figure skating is different than female figure skating; we're not America's sweetheart.

Most other competitions are individual achievements, but the Olympic Games is something that belongs to everybody.